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Lopez: All In With Brook(lyn) Nets

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Brook Lopez has made it clear. Although he's going to be a restricted free agent, and is likely to get some big offers in spite of his foot injuries, Lopez says he wants to stay, wants to play in Brooklyn. He's also taken on a leadership role lately. As the team's most senior player in terms of service (at 24), Lopez bade farewell to New Jersey fans in April and welcomed Brooklyn fans in May.

In an interview with posted Monday, Lopez talked about the team's new look as if there's no doubt he'll be back. "Definitely a good look for me," Lopez said as he donned his "B" cap. "It's a statement. It's bold and I definitely like the way we're going with it ... It's definitely going to be the best arena in the world. It's going to be a fantastic environment to have our games."

And Devin Kharpertian of Nets are Scorching takes a look at one way the Nets were less of a threat last year with Lopez out 61 games.