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Big Workout Week Ahead for Nets

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The Nets will host five straight days of workouts at PNY Center, starting May 19, first for draft prospects, then for free agents. Bobby Marks is in charge of both.

On Saturday, May 19, and Sunday, May 20, the Nets and Rockets will co-host one of the NBA's two mass draft workouts. All 30 teams will be on hand to take a look at more than 30 draft prospects. The NBA's other mass workout will take place the two days after the Draft Lottery, May 30, in Minnesota. Although the Nets don't yet know how many picks they'll have, they could, as they did last June, acquire a pick during the Draft, or move up, again as they did last year.

Then, on May 21 through 23, the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, the Nets will work out more than 20 free agents, in a team mini-camp at PNY. Among them will be former first round picks, international players and D-League players. The Nets will be looking for people who can fill out their summer league roster, join them for training camp and perhaps make the final roster. Armor personnel will also be on hand to scout players for the D-League draft.

May 19 - 20 -- Nets/Rockets Group Draft Workout, PNY Center, East Rutherford

May 21 - 23 -- Nets Free Agent Mini-Camp, East Rutherford

May 30 -- NBA Draft Lottery - ABC Studios, Times Square, New York

May 31 - June 1 -- Timberwolves Group Workout, Minneapolis

June 6 - 10 -- NBA Pre-Draft Camp