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AK-47: Careful Not To Say No To Nets

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Andrei Kirilenko, like the Nets front office, has denied a report that he has a verbal agreement to play in Brooklyn next season, calling it "not true" and "nonsense." But Europe's best player has been careful not to say it won't happen.

On Friday, after denying the report, Kirilenko told Sport Express that things could change "at any moment." Then on Saturday he told the same paper, "Rumors will follow me throughout my career. Playing in Utah, I must have been 'traded' twenty times (Laughs). Maybe everything will be exactly as they say. Or maybe nothing will happen."

Sunday, he did basically the same thing in an interview with R-Sport, saying of the original report, "this is just speculation with facts that may or may not be."

Kirilenko will be in Istanbul this week for the Euroleague Final Four, as will Billy King. CSKA is heavily favored to win the European title and AK-47 the league's MVP award, as he already has with the VTB League, the big Eastern European league.