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Bogdanovic Gets 10 In Playoff Loss

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B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

The next time Bojan Bogdanovic takes the court for Fenerbahce, Billy King may be in the stands. Bogdanovic, whose team lost in the first round of the Turkish Basketball League playoffs Sunday, plays again Thursday. King will be in Istanbul to scout the Euroleague Final Four, which begins Friday, and meet with Bogdanovic.

Bogdanovic played only 24 minutes in his sixth man role vs. Besiktas, scoring 10 points on 3-for-8 shooting (0-for-2 from deep). Besiktas won 96-94 in overtime to take a 1-0 lead. Three players with NBA experience led Besiktas, Deron Williams old team. Pops Mensah-Bonsu and David Hawkins had 24 each and Carlos Arroyo had 20 and four assists.