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Jay-Z Bulldozes at Barclays

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We don't know if this was just a random visit (doubt it) or a planned video shoot (more likely), but whatever it was, TMZ reports that Jay-Z was piloting a bulldozer (or front-end loader, if you prefer) Friday at the Barclays Center. That would be right around the time the controversy over Phil Mushnick's column on him was erupting.

TMZ (of course) has video and images taken by a construction worker from high up on the steel frame of the arena.

"Jay-Z is keeping a close eye on his multimillion dollar NBA investment -- showing up to a Brooklyn construction site yesterday to check out the future home of the Nets ... and even trying his hand at some hard labor," reports the gossip site with the video bent. It called Jay-Z's time behind the wheel as "hilarious." Tsk, Tsk, he wasn't wearing a hard hat.