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Is Spotlight The Nets' Big Selling Point In Keeping Deron Williams?


Marques Johnson, the former Buck great who now does analysis for FOX Sports Net, says the Nets new Brooklyn home and the accompanying spotlight of New York should ultimately convince Deron Williams to stay with the team.

Dismissing the lure of small markets (and even Dallas), Johnson told FOX Sports:

"I'm looking at D-Will in the $1,000 eyewear and the $3,000 suit and looking all sporty...He hasn't grown out of wanting to be in the spotlight type of environment. I think Brooklyn, with that situation --a billion dollar deep pocket owner who will do anything to get a winner-- I think that situation in Brooklyn would be perfect for him. I expect him to eventually wind up being with the 'B' and Barclays and all that stuff. Billion dollar arena, that's a lot of rubles."

Johnson adds that the same thing plus "fresh horizons" should make Brooklyn attractive to Dwight Howard as well.