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AK-47: Rumors "Not True, Nonsense," But "May Change At Any Moment"

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Andrei Kirilenko denied rumors that he has agreed to a three-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, calling them "not true" and "nonsense", but adding "The situation may change at any moment."

On Thursday, Russia's Sport-Express asked AK-47 about the rumors, first reported by Wendell Maxey on Crossover Chronicles. "It's not true. I have no one to negotiate," said Kirilenko. "The fact that there was ... this is nonsense. The situation may change at any moment, but so far it's just unsubstantiated rumors."

According to Maxey, the two sides have agreed verbally to a three-year contract to be announced after the Euroleague Final Four concludes a week from Sunday in Istanbul. Kirilenko's CSKA Moscow is a heavy favorite to win the title. The Nets have also denied such a deal is in place. Billy King will be in Istanbul to scout the Final Four.

Meanwhile, on another Russian sports site, Kirilenko's wife, Masha Lopatova, says that just because Mikhail Prokhorov is Russian, like them, does not mean her husband will wind up in Brooklyn, that they will consider all options.