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Stern Hoping for Subway Rivalry

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It's only a handful of subway stops on the Q or 2 lines between Madison Square Garden and the new Barclays Center subway stop and David Stern hopes it's well trafficked. In his "State of the NBA" talk Wednesday, Stern held out hope that both arenas would be sold out on a regular basis.

"I am hoping, for more sparks, a few verbal, some build up," Stern said about the rivalry before the NBA lottery. "We are going to have two spectacular new buildings in New York City and we are going to have two very aggressively managed teams... "

"I think that we are going to have, two sold-out arenas, not just for games against each other, but for all games."

Stern did admit the Nets have further to go than the Knicks. "We are awaiting the summer to see how the Nets fulfill their assurances and their aspirations," the commissioner said.