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Ford: "Rumbling" of Three Years, $24 Million Deal for Gerald Wallace

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In a podcast discussion before the Draft Lottery, Bill Simmons and Chad Ford discussed the Nets' situation regarding the Draft and Gerald Wallace's future. Ford, who reiterated what he had said an earlier ESPN article: that he thinks Billy King should be fired for the Wallace trade, adding he's heard "rumbling" of what the Nets will offer Wallace.

"He’s going to opt-out and my guess is that they’re going to re-sign him probably ... what I’ve been hearing the rumbling is three-years, $24 million…"

Ford also excoriated King for not being a "savvy negotiator" in the Wallace deal, claiming the Trail Blazers would have accepted a "mid- to late first round pick" for Wallace. Simmons said he wouldn't be surprised to see another team up the bid for Wallace to deprive the Nets of needed cap space. Simmons also said the Nets' moves the last year have not been governed by logic.