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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The Nets will surrender their first round draft pick this June to the Portland Trail Blazers. They finished 6th in the Draft Lottery. As part of the Gerald Wallace trade at the deadline, the Nets agreed to deal their pick unless it was top three and Wednesday night, they lost.

Asked after the Lottery to respond to fan unhappiness with the results, Billy King said, "Have faith" and added in a SocialCam hit, "We’re going to re-sign Gerald Wallace, and we’re going to re-sign Deron Williams." The Nets GM said that he didn't think the Nets would win a top three pick and was prepared for it. He added the Nets are in talks with Wallace's agent. "We’ll negotiate and do a fair deal and get it done," King told reporters.

The Nets have two trade exceptions from the March 15 deal, a $3.0 million exception and a $1.34 million exception. The Nets also dumped Shawne Williams $3.15 million contract in the trade. With the lost pick, the Nets also gain $2.55 million in salary cap space that had been set aside for a player taken at #6.

The top pick went to the New Orleans Hornets, giving them the right to pick Anthony Davis in the June 28 draft. The Charlotte Bobcats will pick second and the Washington Wizards third. The Nets are left with the #57 pick in the second round, obtained in the Chris Quinn trade two years ago from the Heat.