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Woj: No D12, No D-Will For Nets

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Adrian Wojnarowski reports that despite Deron Williams claims he doesn't know where he's going this summer, the point guard won't be staying with the Nets unless they acquire Dwight Howard. Even if the Nets got the overall #1 pick in the Draft and take Kentucky's Anthony Davis, that wouldn't be enough, writes Woj. Meanwhile, Howard is apparently is aware of this and is pressing the Magic to get a deal done soon, despite the uncertainty surrounding his health.

"It's Dwight Howard or bust," a league source "who has spoken to Williams" told Woj. According to the Yahoo! hoops writer, "Williams doesn't want to stay with the Nets unless they become an instant Eastern Conference contender and wouldn't accept waiting for Davis' development." As for Howard, Woj writes, "Howard regrets forgoing his early termination option on his 2012-13 contract, sources said, and wants a trade before next season." As a result, he writes, "Howard's camp is applying pressure on Orlando to expedite a deal once it hires a new general manager."

Woj also writes that if the Nets do beat the odds and get the overall #1 pick, they are unlikely to deal both Anthony Davis and Brook Lopez to the Magic.