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Coach: AK-47 Likely in NBA, But... Would Nenad Krstic Join Him?

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Bongarts/Getty Images

David Blatt, the highly regarded coach of the Russian National Team, thinks that it's likely Andrei Kirilenko will return to the NBA next season, but says it's entirely possible that he'll stay with CSKA Moscow.

"I think he will be back in the NBA," said Blatt, an American citizen. "But, you know, Andrei, he's a special person, a special player, his personality, too. He made the same decision, like so many players, to play the part of the NBA season overseas until lockout ended . But once he saw he that he was such a big part of the team, that he was happy in his environment and he was close to the team, he decided he wanted to stay and to finish what he started, which I thought was very admirable. This is Andrei."

Kirilenko has said he hasn't made up his mind, but if he returns to the NBA, his "top two priorities" are the Jazz and the Nets. Meanwhile, a Spanish sports site reports that former Net Nenad Krstic may join Kirilenko in Brooklyn. Encesando reports that Krstic "wants to go with him." Krstic, 29, played four years for the Nets before a devastating knee injury. He and Kirilenko were first team All-Euroleague.