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Parking a Problem at Barclays?

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If you take any of the NJ Transit lines into Penn Station, walk a block east on W. 32nd St. and get on the Q train, you can be at Barclays Center Transit Connection in 22 minutes. Might be the best thing for New Jersey fans who want to get to Brooklyn Nets games on time. Similarly, Long Island fans should consider LIRR trains to Atlantic Terminal. That's because driving --and parking-- won't be fun.

New York State has told Bruce Ratner that Barclays cannot use stack parking at its planned surface parking lot (above) a couple of blocks east of the arena. As a result, reports Rich Calder of the Post, the number of spaces in the lot will drop from 1,100 to less than 550. The rationale for the decision is that stack parking takes too long to retrieve cars and with thousands of fans leaving Barclays Center, it would create massive traffic jams on already crowded streets.