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For Nets, It's All About Luck in Lottery

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Two things to know about the Draft Lottery Wednesday night (8 p.m. ET): past performance is no guarantee of future success and "it's a big day", as Billy King tells Ben Couch. For all the positive reinforcement provided by history, each draft is its unique event, with unique probabilities. Also know that if you don't hear "Brooklyn Nets" called between #9 and #6, it will be not just a big day but a good one.

Ben Couch lays out the Nets' draft history and lists all the caveats but bottom line, here are the numbers: the Nets have a 41.38% chance at remaining in sixth place, 29.38% of dropping to seventh, "or 9.36% of jumping to third, 8.33% chance of rising to second and a 7.5% of having Nets fans opening weeping in joy shortly after 8 p.m. It is possible, too, he notes, that the pick could fall to #8 or #9 overall (3.94% and 0.11%, respectively). Trail Blazer fans wouldn't like that.

Jake Appleman notes that it has to be disappointing for Nets fans who, a few months ago, thought they might have two picks in the top 20. Now they may have none.