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BogJam? Nets Must Deal with Fener, Bogdanovic Tells Hoops Site

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B. Petrinovic -
B. Petrinovic -

The BogJam is not as up-and-down as the Melo Drama or as lengthy as the Dwightmare, and certainly not as significant as either, but the Nets pursuit of Bojan Bogdanovic will be difficult. He says it's not up to him whether he suits up with the Nets. It's up to his Turkish League team, who he says the Nets are talking with.

"We had a good conversation and Billy King told me that the Nets were following me and that they would try to make a deal with Fenerbahce," Bogdanovic told Crobasket. "It's not true that I wanted to leave or quit Fenerbahce, I still have a contract for two years. I would go to the NBA only if they do something with the Nets." King had described the 6'8" swingman as "anxious" to join the NBA.

Bogdanovic's contract with Fener, signed just before last year's Draft, has no "NBA out" this summer, but a $1.5 million buyout a year from now. Under the new CBA, the Nets can pay only a little more than $500,000 of that. "I must first wait for the outcome of negotiations between Nets and Fenerbahce and then we'll talk about it, " he concluded. Nets international scout Danko Cvjeticanin has been pushing to get Bogdanovic. He has publicly compared his countryman to Carlos Delfino, Peja Stojakovic, even Manu Ginobili.