The Thing About the Davis Dilemma

I know we are getting ahead of ourselves. We may not get the #1 pick. Heck we may not even get a Top 3 pick. But there's been lots of speculation on whether or not Davis will be traded, or if Davis will stay. Should he stay, or should we trade him? Two completely different questions.

Things may get out of hand here so bear with me.

Anthony Davis is seen as yet another can't miss prospect. I would love to keep him and have Davis and Lopez command the post. A starting lineup with Deron/(Insert one of our 3 SGs)/Wallace/Lopez/Davis (flip Davis and Lopez if you want) could make some noise, and we'd have some depth in our lineup. Just like the Spurs or Thunder, both of whom are legitimate contenders to win the title. I would NOT trade Lopez and Davis for Dwight. Why? Simply because Davis has the tools to become great. And he's a great fit next to Lopez. Lopez can control the offensive end with help from Davis and Davis controls the defensive end with help from Lopez. He's an undisputed #1 overall pick in a stacked draft, there's no denying it. Yet people like to dispute this by bringing up Greg Oden.

Greg Oden was also indeed a "can't miss" prospect. Injuries, however, stopped him. It was not due to lack of talent, you could label him as a bust, but it was due more to misfortune than anything else. Even in the limited games he played under limited minutes, he averaged a near double double in his rookie season. Again, injuries became an obstacle. But how often does that happen? You check other recent can't miss players: LeBron, Yao, Rose, Irving, Wall. These were all can't miss prospects and they all have either reached or exceeded their expectations. Even earlier on, Iverson, Duncan and Shaq were all can't misses as well. Other #1 picks, Bogut, Bargiani, and Dwight have all become some of the top-talent in their respective positions. The Greg Oden's of the draft don't happen too often, and if they do there is nothing you can do about it. Injuries happen all the time. Some more serious then others.

Davis is the younger player, and has a more polished game as a rookie than Dwight did. He has better handles (apparently former PG), good basketball IQ, and has a good offensive game although it was not touched upon much since he was surrounded by a vast talent in Kentucky. He can knock down his FTs, and has a decent jumper. He;s shown high efficiency converting on 62% of his shots and clipping a 71% FT percentage. That's pretty damn good for a big man. And of course, he's shown tremendous defensive talent in college. He can do what the ideal big man has to do. Cover the paint, defend the pick and roll, react well to cutters. He has those tools. Considering his length and athleticism, he can probably roam outside of the paint if needed.

Yes, he is too skinny. Yes, you don't know how these skills translate into the NBA. But you can say that about every single draft pick. It's something you really your GM and scouts on. He is, and it was reviewed already above, a can't miss prospect and we've seen how those turned out. Even Dwight was not jacked when he was a rookie. It's something the trainers work on, and that's why they were hired by teams. He may get bullied his first year in, but something you got to sacrifice if you want potential like his. Give him a year or two with NBA trainers and he could be ready to start bullying other centers in return. That aspect to me is why he won't be as impactful as people think right off the gate. Too skinny, but his athleticism could make up for it. Athleticism isn't a trait you lose when you move to the big leagues. That's something that carries on a helps you tremendously. If Davis doesn't get lazy, that will translate into great things.

But does that mean that we keep Davis under all circumstances?

Hell no. Davis should be traded with other fillers not named Lopez or Wallace for Dwight. Why? Because its not about the potential. It's about Brooklyn. Yeah, Brooklyn's back. It's all about Brooklyn and it will be. No matter how great Davis can be in the future, it is better to trade him and fillers for Dwight because we need to focus on the present. That's how I feel management wants it. Superstars bring money. Superstars bring fans. Superstars bring legacies, and that's what the ultimate goal of Brooklyn is. To cloud that awful New Jersey past and conjure up something great. Create an atmosphere linked with winning. Create an atmosphere that doesn't make us the joke of the league. Can Davis do that? Sure he can, but as I said before, not in the 1st year. But the organization wants it to happen right away. Unfortunately we're not in a position to wait even two years. That's why Dwight or any other superstar needs to come when we begin. We need to come out of the gate with a bang. It's what Proky and King want, both being people who want to chase superstars. King has that reputation. Once again, it's about winning now, about starting the franchise off strong.

What's the better long-term solution? Keep Anthony Davis (My preference)

What's the better short-term solution? Dwight Howard (FO goal)