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Scout: Nets Want Bogdanovic Now

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B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

The Nets international scout has told a Croatian sports site that the Nets want Bojan Bogdanovic in training camp this summer but are prepared to wait for him if his contract issues with Fenerbahce of Turkey can't be worked out. Bogdanovic has to negotiate a buyout with Fener which is resisting letting him go. The buyout could be in the millions and the Nets can only pay $525,000 under league rules.

Danko Cvjeticanin pushed the Nets to draft Bogdanovic, calling him a combination of Carlos Delfino and Peja Stojakovic. In an interview with HrSport, Cvjeticanin was open about the Nets' intentions toward the 6'8" Croatian swingman, saying Brooklyn wants Bogdanovic now.

"Nets general manager Billy King does not want to do anything by force, but it is quite clear that Bojan should be a Nets' player," said Cvjetićanin, adding that he thought it should happen "immediately." Cvjeticanin, a teammate of Drazen Petrovic in Croatia, added that negotiations with Fener is in the hands of his managers, and "If we fail to bring him this summer, we'll bring him next. There is mutual interest, but we should respect the decision of his club."