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Williams' Preference: Improved Nets

It's that time of year when players are like chess pieces and the masters are the pundits who want to move them around the board, see who checkmates who in the end. The board? The Internet, of course!

In article on the Lakers' future, which like the Knicks we most all fret and worry about, Sam Amick suggests a number of options for Team Buss, including an Andrew Bynum-for-Dwight Howard deal and an unspecified sign-and-trade with the Nets for Deron Williams.

A "source close to Williams" thinks he'd like to play there, but Amick also quotes the same source as saying what D-Will really wants: "Williams' preference, however, is for the Nets to improve the roster sufficiently enough that he can feel good about staying put rather than fear a repeat of this season, when they finished 22-44." Dallas? "There's no longevity there."

Meanwhile, Stefan Bondy tweets that a source tells him that if the Nets knew they were losing Williams to the Lakers, they would prefer cap space to a sign-and-trade with the Lakers for Pau Gasol. That, of course, would make the Lakers' pursuit of D-Will difficult if not impossible since they are capped out for years.