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Too Early for Summer League? Nope; How About Trade Talks? Soon

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Gary Sussman - Nets_PR
Gary Sussman - Nets_PR

One reason the Nets were the first team to hold a free agent workout this off-season is to get a head-start on the summer league and training camp. In the past, Bobby Marks said recently, the Nets scrambled to fill the summer league roster. Billy King also told NetsDaily he'd give Armor players precedence when the time came to choose.

So far, so good. King said Wednesday that the Nets have invited Marshon Brooks and Jordan Williams along with the Armor's Dennis Horner and Jeff Foote to Orlando for the July 9-13 affair. That doesn't mean other players from this week's mini-camp won't be playing for the Nets. Avery Johnson said the Nets wouldn't be identifying who they like now, but they have some in mind. And of course, there will be draft pick(s).

King also talked about how he understands what Otis Smith is going through and no matter what happens next Wednesday at the Lottery, he sees it as the starting point of trade season.

"What the Lottery does, more than anything, is gives you certainty in what the draft order is," King said. "Because then you can start making calls on who has what picks. Utah may have Golden State's pick, or Golden State may have it. We might have our pick or Portland may have it. We'll find out who has multiple picks. I always look at it as the day that starts the races of the true offseason of player movement and trades being made."