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Driving To Games? Fuggedaboutit!

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Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment

Barclays Center presented its revised transportation plan for the arena Tuesday night and the message was simple: don't even think about driving. Indeed, the arena's transportation consultant made it clear: there won't be that much parking available near the arena once you get there -- and it's intentional.

In addition to the disincentives for driving, there will be incentives for taking mass transit, the consultant Sam Schwartz told a skeptical audience in Brooklyn. Among them: empty subway cars and buses at the ready as games exit; additional trains on both the busiest subway lines and the LIRR, where there will be twice as many trains as usual on game nights; even a guarded 400-bike parking lot. What there won't be is the much ballyhooed "NetroCard", a free subway ride for fans. That's been abandoned.

For those who insist on driving, there will be around a thousand spots within a mile of the arena, but only half tha number on the premises, a couple of blocks away. There will be shuttle buses from lots farther away, where fans will be able to reserve and pre-pay for a spot at a discount. Schwartz proudly said ticket information for arena events won't even include driving directions ... although as of Wednesday morning, they were available on the Barclays Center website.