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Avery: "We'll Be Much Improved"


Avery Johnson put aside Deron Williams doubts Monday when asked about how he sees the Brooklyn Nets, circa October 2012.

"We feel we’ll have a much improved roster, one that starts with Deron at point guard, and getting a guy like Gerald Wallace back, Brook Lopez … we know there’s still some holes on our roster, but if you look at our roster and Deron is in uniform, and Gerald’s back, Brook’s back, Gerald Green’s back, Morrow, MarShon Brooks, those guys, our roster is significantly better than what we had going into training camp in 2010."

Of course, the Nets were coming off a 12-win season in October 2010 and like Billy King on Monday, Johnson didn't mention Kris Humphries or any power forward. Johnson made his comments after Tuesday's free agent mini-camp. He said two or three guys stood out, but reserved special praise for Jeff Foote, the Armor's seven-foot center, saying "Jeff’s been a stud ... He’s a really good passing big guy, and that’s kind of a lost art right now in the NBA."