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Brooks Is Second Team All-Rookie

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MarShon Brooks became the first Net since Brook Lopez to be voted to the NBA All-Rookie team, being named to the second team in a vote of league coaches. Brooks, taken at #25 in the Draft, finished third in rookie scoring at 12.6 ppg.

Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio topped voting with Irving a unanimous choice. Kenneth Faried, Klay Thompson, Iman Shumpert, Kawhi Leonard and Brandon Knight were named to the first team, the latter three tying for the fifth spot.

Joining Brooks on the second team are Chandler Parsons, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Williams and Tristan Thompson. Brooks received three first team votes, 12 second team votes and was not selected on 14 ballots.

Lopez was named to the NBA first team all-Rookie in 2009. Prior to Lopez, the last Net to make an All-Rookie team was Marcus Williams in 2007, who was also named to the second team.