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Bogdanovic Wants Brooklyn, But Buyout May Keep Him Overseas

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B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

Sportando, the European hoops site reports that Bojan Bogdanovic wants to move from Istanbul to Brooklyn this summer, but has a "huge buyout" that he won't be able to pay and so will have to re-negotiate his deal with Fenerbahce before making his trip across the Atlantic. The size of the buyout makes it unlikely this summer.

"Rumor is that Bojan Bogdanovic asked to break his contract with Fenerbahce to join Brooklyn Nets from the upcoming season," writes Emiliano Carchia, Sportando's editor. "I don't see that happening as well. Why Fenerbahce should let him go?" Carchia reports that Fenerbahce has "invested a lot" on the 6'8" swingman.

Bogdanovic signed a three-year European deal just before the 2011 NBA Draft.