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Hockey Rink, Parking Lot Next

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Jon Reisen via NetsDaily
Jon Reisen via NetsDaily

The latest Barclays Center construction alert reports that the "ice floor" for the arena hockey rink will be installed starting this week and work on the arena's 550-space parking lot, the only one on the premises, will begin as well. They're among the highlights in the bi-weekly alert.

Among other milestones at the arena, now a little more than four months from completion: all the precast concrete seating forms have now been installed and seating is progressing; the broadcast truck area is now being prepared with underground cabling to the arena; construction of outdoor seating on the arena entrance plaza as well as curbing and security bollards is now underway.

Meanwhile, Fred Mangione, the team's chief marketing officer, says 75 percent of the 104 suites at Barclays Center have been sold and he expects to sell them all out.