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D-Will Rocks Brooklyn Gear Again

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Just as he did during the Nets Combine, Deron Williams showed up early Monday at PNY Center, sat down next to Billy King and watched players scrimmage. This time, however, he talked briefly to reporters, joking that Nike doesn't yet know the colors on his next pair of sneakers.

King talked a little as well, but wouldn't try to analyze D-Will's decision to show up and show off his Brooklyn Nets gear at PNY Center. "I'll let you guys decipher that,'' King said. "I mean, nothing's changed with Deron. Every day it's – I don't know if people are searching for something ... (but) for me, nothing's changed. Our relationship hasn't changed from end of the season to the middle of the season. He and I joke and spend time and he's getting himself ready for next season.''

Williams also chatted briefly with Adam Morrison, the big name at the free agent mini-camp. Morrison essentially replaced him at Besiktas in Turkey.