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Magic Dump Smith, Fire Van Gundy; Look To Walsh, Pritchard, Shaw?

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Chad Ford was right. Last week, he reported in a chat that Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy would be gone "within days" and on Monday afternoon, the Magic announced that Van Gundy had been let go and that Smith and the Magic had come to a mutual understanding and he would depart the GM job.

What this means for Dwight Howard's future in Orlando remains to be seen. Alex Martins, Magic CEO, told a press conference, "Dwight did not want to be part of this decision. He did not want to make this decision ... I think Dwight needs to decide where his future lies."

Howard had reportedly wanted both gone and retaining the All-Star center remains the team's focus. Among the names prominently mentioned as GM is Donnie Walsh, formerly of Indiana and New York, with Kevin Pritchard, fired in Portland, backing him up. Walsh is an expert at dumping unwanted contracts in rebuilding efforts. He was also Billy King's mentor. Brian Shaw and Mike Malone are mentioned as Van Gundy's replacement.