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AK-47: Nets, Jazz "My Top Priorities"

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In an interview with Russia's top basketball writer (and one with long-time ties to Mikhail Prokhorov), Andrei Kirilenko admitted what has been rumored for two weeks: that the Nets along with the Jazz are his "top priorities" as he approaches free agency and a decision whether to return to the NBA or rejoin CSKA Moscow.

"So where are you off to now? Brooklyn or Utah?", Vladimir Gomel of SovSport asked Kirilenko. "These two teams are my top priorities," replied the Russian forward. "In Utah is where I blossomed, (and) the Nets are owned by a Russian oligarch. But no one knows how life will unfold, so please let's wait a little until July 1st, the hot time of change in the NBA. But for now I want to enjoy this Championship of Russia. We earned it."

Utah writers have said it's unlikely the Jazz would be interested in re-signing Kirilenko with their logjam at both forwards. It's not clear if the Jazz have renounced his Bird Rights, which would permit the Jazz to sign him outside the cap. As for the Nets, Deron Williams and Kirilenko apparently spent time together last week in Moscow.