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King Optimistic About Three FA's

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No one is saying the Nets' free agent situation is anywhere near settled or that the Nets have stopped pursuing Dwight Howard, but Billy King is optimistic that he'll be able to introduce Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace to a cheering Opening Night crowd in Brooklyn six months from now.

"I feel pretty good about it," King said of the overall situation, calling Lopez, Williams and Wallace "three cornerstones we’d like to build with."

Of the three, Lopez is the only one with health issues, but he and King think the center will be fine. "I haven’t done any running yet, just shooting, lifting weights and stuff," said Lopez. "I feel really good. Just going to keep at it."

King agreed, saying, "The good thing, if there’s anything positive about the foot injury, is that Brook has been able to really focus in the gym and he’s really added some muscle, reduced his body fat. He’s changing his body."

On the court at the Nets Combine, two standouts were 6'10" bruiser (and Queens native) Kyle O'Quinn, who led surprising Norfolk State in the NCAA's, and Tony Mitchell of Alabama, a 6'6" slasher with "elite athleticism."