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Taking Brooklyn Word To The Bronx

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Nets_PR/Gary Sussman
Nets_PR/Gary Sussman

The Brooklyn Nets roll-out takes many forms --events, ticket and merchandise sales, new social media-- even door-to-door. Well, sort of door-to-door. Gary Sussman took P.J. Carlesimo and Bobby Marks to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday to meet and greet Yankees players and coaches as well YES personalities in the booth.

They got Joe Girardi to pose with a Brooklyn Nets cap. Same with Suzyn Waldman. John Sterling, who used to do Nets games, Michael Kay and Ken Singleton all got a Hello Brooklyn cap and jersey. Kay and Singleton showed them on air in a shoutout to the move. Waldman and Sterling were reported thrilled with the gear.

And someone from Texas (but close to every Nets fans heart) got a cap too.