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King Up For Prokhorov Challenge

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Nets_PR/Gary Sussman
Nets_PR/Gary Sussman

With 11 free agents up for renewal, including one of game's top players; a new home and new arena, you'd think that would be enough pressure for any GM, but Billy King has an additional challenge, his owner's promise of a championship within three years. Does that worry him, put extra pressure on him?

"People say, ‘Is there pressure because [owner Mikhail Prokhorov] said we’re going to win a championship in five years?’" asked King at Tuesday's media event. "No, that’s a great goal; I’d rather have an owner saying that than, ‘Don’t lose me money.’ You know?""

King is limited by the CBA in how much he can spend on Deron Williams. He'll get the max.

The first test will come with Gerald Wallace. The can resign him before June 13 by giving him a three-year, $29 million extension or wait till July 1 and negotiate a new deal. Similarly, for Gerald Green, the Nets will need to find money for him either under the cap or in the MLE. The Nets, King said, could only sign Green to the vets' minimum this season because of cap space limitations.