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Are The Nets Becoming Cool?

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Sounds so odd, doesn't it? The Nets? Cool? Really? But two days into the Brooklyn iteration of the franchise, the Nets seem to have made more progress on the road to cool than they ever had.

What makes a team cool? Fans are a big part of it, fans who are proud to wear their gear, show some swag. That's been a problem but a few days at the NBA Store will help you understand it's possible. Players? If they keep them, sure. Kris Humphries? Oh yeah. Ask TMZ! Brook Lopez? So cool because he's anti-cool. They don't call MarShon Brooks "Swag" for nothing. And the Deron Williams who hit three straight three's in front of a hostile Garden crowd, that guy was way cool!

Then, there's the owners. Bruce Ratner was not cool. We doubt even Bruce would argue that! But Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z. Well, Hello Brooklyn! The Most Interesting Man in the World and Empire State of Mind! There has never been as cool an ownership in American sports. Nev-vuh. Particularly when compared to the competition. (Never tire of that one. Nev-vuh.)

Finally, it's all about Brooklyn and that arena. Brooklyn needs no introduction to cool. All the media coverage the last two days has been about making Brooklyn whole again, making the Nets new again. That's cool. And once Barclays Center opens in six months, it will blow people away. It may not be the most famous arena in the world, but it will be, mark our words, the coolest. It's taken so long, it seems that just getting it done is enough. But the sightlines, the iconic exterior, the amenities will mark it, blow people away, make Nets fans weep.

Yeah, some wins would help, maybe a championship? So would a fiery star. In time, Brooklyn Nets fans, in time.