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King: Lopez Still Restricted By Injury; D-Will Shows His Colors at Combine

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez were on hand at the Nets Combine Saturday with Williams watching the whole first session with Billy King and Bobby Marks ... dressed all in Brooklyn Nets gear. Was he sending a message? Williams and Lopez didn't speak with the media. King did.

King said that while Lopez's recovery from a broken foot remains on track, he's not permitted to run or jump. Instead, he's doing a lot of strength and conditioning with coach Jeremy Bettle plus shooting drills. Still, King said Nets doctors are pleased with his progress and are confident he'll be ready by training camp. The Nets GM said his trip to Istanbul went well. Stefan Bondy reports D-Will spoke with Mikhail Prokhorov while on his Russian vacation, as he had in Turkey at the Euroleague Final Four.

Meanwhile, several players helped themselves at the Combine, most notably Kim English, a 6'6" swingman from Missouri; Darius Johnson-Odom, a 6'2" shooting from Marquette and Josh Owens, a 6'8" slashing small foward from Stanford, where he played his freshman year with the Lopez twins. Others who reportedly did well included point guards Tu Holloway of Xavier and Zach Rosen of Penn.