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Last Barclays Element Takes Shape

John Reisen via NetsDaily
John Reisen via NetsDaily

Barclays Center's most distinctive element, its 80 foot long canopy over the arena's entrance plaza, is finally taking shape, the last major structural element of the billion dollar construction. Images taken Friday and posted on the Nets website show the steel framework of the canopy with its "oculus", a circular opening to the sky. Video will be flashed on a 360-degree screen within the oculus.

The images also show that the 11,998 weathered steel panels mostly in place. The last panels, each with a unique shape, will cover the framework of the canopy and the "halo" that sweeps around the front of the arena block and connects with the canopy. Meanwhile, below ground, the first "Barclays Center" signs are now visible on subway platforms on some of the nine lines serving the arena.