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Last Player Invited Still Excited

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Donte Poole is not on anyone's mock draft, but the 6'3" shooting guard from Murray State is in New Jersey this weekend, waiting his chance at a pro career. He's hoping his play on Sunday, the workout's second day, will earn him individual workouts with one or more of the 30 teams whose scouts will be sitting behind two rows of tables at the PNY Center.

The last player invited, following Evan Fournier's injury and Kris Joseph's decision to drop out, Poole almost didn't make it. He missed Bobby Marks' call Friday. But he's ready now, and typical of the 44 prospects, a borderline pick with a lot of ambition. After three mediocre seasons with the Racers, as a senior he helped them win 23 straight games and get to the Sweet Sixteen. At best, he's a late second rounder.

Probably no more than 50 percent of those invited will get picked in the NBA Draft, almost all in the second round, but for Poole it's also an opportunity to be seen by the nine NBA teams that have D-League teams, like the Nets. It's an incredible feeling," he told the local newspaper in Murray, KY. "One that I’m very blessed to have."