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Morrow: "Brooklyn Buzz" Can Help In Charity As Well As Basketball

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Anthony Morrow talked basketball Thursday night with BLineSports, offering his thoughts on how badly the Heat miss Chris Bosh and thinking the Finals could be Spurs-Pacers. But he also spoke about how "blessed" he is to be part of the "history" of bringing an NBA team to Brooklyn, and not just for the obvious reasons.

Morrow sees "Brooklyn buzz" as an opportunity to advance his charity work, that companies want in on it all. "I'm trying to take the opportunity I have right now," he said talking about Anthony Morrow Charities. "How much buzz is going on, with the move to Brooklyn, how much I'm buzzing individually, to take that and use it for my neighborhood. A lot of companies want to get involved, take advantage of all those opportunities. any way i can give back to my community, I just want to do it."

Morrow also said he expects to get involved in Brooklyn charity work. "That kind of stuff is important to keep you humble. One of my main goals, i think is to do that."