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Inside Brooklyn's "Ballers' Paradise"

@ElonePB via Twitter
@ElonePB via Twitter

Long-time NetsDaily member Elone got inside Barclays Center Thursday to take a look at his seats for the 2012-13 season. While there, he took some pictures that give the best view yet of what's going on inside, six months to the day from the Brooklyn Nets first preseason game at the arena.

There's the view from courtside, with workmen laying the floor that will underlie event-specific platforms; the grand entrance with its platform looking out at the arena ... above and below; a club and concession stands on the Main Concourse; Mikhail Prokhorov's double suite (complete with shower); and the entrance to the home locker room, where, judging by the height of the doorways, a lot of seven-footers will dress.

Outside, there's the Dean Street Entrance, the VIP "black car pull-up" space, as well as the canopy over the Main Entrance, which will extend out 80 feet from the arena. As Elone tweets, "really impressed with the sightlines and intimate feel. Going to be crazy."