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Brook Lopez Back On Court Thursday

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Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

For the last few weeks, there has been a lonely entry on our Nets calendar: May 16, it read, "Brook Lopez meets with orthopedists this week to determine when he can start practicing." Well, Wednesday was May 16 and on Thursday, there was Lopez on the court at PNY Center working out.

Lopez who went down first with a fracture in his fifth metatarsal, then an ankle sprain, played only five games last season, but in the last two before his second injury, he reminded people of what he can do when healthy. Against Dallas, he went for 38 points on 17-for-28 shooting. Then three days later, he had 28 onf 10-for-21 shooting against Boston. Lopez said he doesn't consider last season a lost season, saying it permitted him to work on his strength. "Who knows i might not have focused on that as much," he said at season's end.