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Marks: Workout Works For Us

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@marshon2 via Twitter
@marshon2 via Twitter

Bobby Marks has all the headaches of pulling together the logistics of the mass workout scheduled for the PNY Center in East Rutherford. The Nets will run the workout for all 30 NBA teams, setting up the logistics to fly, feed and house 43 prospects, then have their assistants put players through their paces.

"Our assistant coaches will be on the floor working the players outThat will give them a better feel for what the players' work ethic is," said Marks. "Are they coachable? We'll get to conduct interviews and psychological testing."

Moreover, reports Marks, many prospects will wind up in the D-League and Springfield Armor staff will be on hand to evaluate the prospects as well.

"We're not just doing it for our team in Brooklyn," said. "The D-League is taking off right now. We have an affiliate in Springfield. A good chunk of these players could be in the D-League draft. That's an advantage for us."

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