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Still Having A Good Time in Russia

Amy Williams via Instagram
Amy Williams via Instagram

We don't know much about Deron and Amy Williams trip to Moscow. We don't know if they've met with Mikhail Prokhorov or his No. 2, Dmitry Razumov, who's friendly with the couple. We don't know the identity of their tour guide. Is it a Prokhorov person or Andrei and Masha Kirilenko? Mum's the word. It does appear they're having a good time though.

Thursday morning, they again posted snapshots of them in Red Square, along with two others that might have had Billy King fumbling for his meds if they weren't jokes. (They were, right?!) In one, Amy is seen administering oxygen to Deron in an ambulance. In the other, Deron appears dead, a bouquet of flowers placed in his cold hands. Oh, those crazy Williams kids!

Meanwhile, Andy Vasquez tries his hand at analyzing what's going on, but notes at the end of another Moscow day, "It’s hard to imagine that anything that happens on this May vacation will influence one of the most important decisions of Williams’ life come early July." Maybe. He did choose Moscow, not Dallas.