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Is LinSanity Nets' Back-Up Plan?

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Alex Kennedy writes that the guy who Deron Williams burned for 38 points, including eight three pointers, back in February could be the Nets' back-up plan if D-Will leaves. Kennedy cites "sources close to the situation" that bringing LinSanity to Brooklyn would solve all sorts of problems for the Nets.

Kennedy writes that the Nets are one of five teams with interest in Jeremy Lin, still recovering from a torn meniscus. The others, he claims, are the Raptors, Mavericks, Trail Blazers and Warriors (who he once played for).

It's a no-brainer, he adds, for Brooklyn. "Brooklyn would love to steal Lin from the Knicks and open Barclays Center with Linsanity."

But, alas, Kennedy reports it would only be possible for the Nets if they agreed to "backload" Lin's contract, giving him "$12,628,613 and $13,146,387 in the final two years of his deal" to make a contract averaging $9 million a year.