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Bondy: Williams Looking To Stay; Kerber: Meaning of Moscow Nights

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Stefan Bondy lays out the positives and negatives of Deron Williams free agency situation and offers this bottom line: "From what we’ve heard, Williams is looking for reasons the stay with the Nets. It’s up to GM Billy King to provide them."

Bondy, unlike a lot of pundits, doesn't believe the Nets are in bind where they win D-Will's signature only if they trade for Dwight Howard. He quotes Williams own words last month on what the Nets need to do.

"We have to get some veterans, guys that know how to play the game of basketball, make the right plays, extra passes," Williams said. "That was the most frustrating thing about this year was the lack of ball movement, lack of screens. Just really some good basketball players, we need to get a lot of those."

Meanwhile, Fred Kerber looks at Deron Williams' choice of vacation spot ("Paris is supposed to be wonderful this time of year. The Caribbean, too. But Moscow?) and vacation partner, Andrei Kirilenko ("rumored as a Nets target") and sees it as a positive for the Nets. "So with selective addition for their current stockpile, the Nets are more than playoff worthy. And maybe part of the plan has been unfolding in Moscow."