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Summer League Starts Shaping Up

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Jeff Foote is already in New York, getting ready for the free agent mini-camp next week where he will go up against two former NBA centers, Hilton Armstrong and David Harrison. He's also confirmed he's gotten one of the Nets first invitations to join the team's summer league roster, as has Dennis Horner, his Armor teammate.

Who else may travel to Orlando July 9-13 league is anyone's guess, but MarShon Brooks, Jordan Williams and Armon Johnson from last season's roster seem likely. The Nets have until June 30 to give Johnson a qualifying offer for next season -- and they might. Former Notre Dame PG Ben Hansbrough, the 2011 Big East Player of the Year, is at the Nets mini-camp. They talked to him last year about playing in Orlando, but the lockout intervened.

Also on hand at the mini-camp and possibilities for the summer: D-League's DPOY Stefhon Hannah, a 6'1" point guard, and D-League ROY Edwin Ubiles, a 6'6" swingman. The Nets, can if they want, offer partial guaranteed deals to players after July 1 if they think another team might want to scoop them up. That's how they got Ben Uzoh and Jeff Zoubek two years ago.