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A Lot of Work for A Few Picks?

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The Nets don't know how many picks they'll have on Draft Night, but they're preparing as if they'll have more than the #57 pick, which is the only one they know they'll have for sure.

The Nets have a 25.5 percent chance at hanging on to a top three pick at the May 30 Lottery. They have $3 million in Mikhail Prokhorov's cash they have to use before June 30 or lose it. First round picks can be had for $3 million. They have that #57 pick. They can reacquire the #60 pick sent to the Lakers in 2010 if L.A. agrees to accept $250,000 by June 1. And Billy King made two Draft Night trades last year. So they're quietly planning for all eventualities.

As part of that planning, they've worked for months to gather 44 second tier picks (like Iona PG Scott Machado) for all 30 teams to scout this weekend. The Rockets are co-hosting the event, and the costs are being shared 30 ways, but Brooklyn will have a homecourt advantage: its assistant coaches will run the drills on the court, getting a first hand and upclose look at all 44, and its front office will get first crack at interviewing top candidates afterwards.