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MetroPCS Thinking D-Will Stays?

Jon Reisen via NetsDaily
Jon Reisen via NetsDaily

Not much news from the D-Will visit to Moscow. There's been no word on whether he's met with Mikhail Prokhorov. Just a tweeted image of Williams on what appears to be a Gulfstream V (is that Andrei Kirilenko in the dark glasses?): another of him and Amy out on the town and a tribute to Russians' prodigious drinking habits. Billy King got back Monday, possibly indicating he didn't go to Moscow after scouting the Euroleague Final Four. Mum's the word otherwise.

Back in Brooklyn, one of Deron WIlliams big sponsors seems to think selling him to a Brooklyn audience makes marketing sense. MetroPCS, the mobile phone company, has leased a billboard atop Junior's, the borough's iconic restaurant. On it, the company, which is moving into the city, notes, "Deron's Moving to MetroPCS." The billboard also features the Brooklyn Nets logo in the lower right hand corner. The company is a sponsor of the Nets and Barclays Center.