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Colangelo: Williams Plans To Sign July 11 "When The Clock Ticks 12"

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Deron Williams has said he wants to have his contract settled by the London Olympics, which most take to mean the opening of Team USA training camp on July 6. Now, Jerry Colangelo, who runs USA Basketball, says it's his belief that Williams will indeed make up his mind quickly, then sign a new contract as soon as he can on July 11.

"I think Deron’s plan, from what we understand, he intends to sign at the very first moment he can officially, in terms of when the clock ticks 12," Colangelo said. "So he’ll practice, but he’ll stay away from contact work. So that’s one of those variables you have to deal with, and we said we would."

Under CBA rules, teams other than their current team, can't talk with a free agent until July 1 and can't sign a new contract until July 11. Free agents can --and do-- announce their intentions prior to July 11. Team USA will practice in Las Vegas on July 11. The next day, they have an exhibition game vs. the Dominican Republic's national team, then fly to Washington on July 13 for more training.