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Morrow Bubbling Over Brooklyn

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Anthony Morrow is one of four Nets whose contracts cover next season in Brooklyn. It's a business, of course, and there's no guarantee he'll be at Barclays Center on opening night. But if he is, expect him to be among the most excited players. He positively bubbles over the possibilities.

"I think we’re gonna have all of Brooklyn," Morrow tells SLAM. "You know, New York is New York. They’re gonna love the Knicks. But I think with us coming over to Brooklyn, we’re gonna really pull some fans onto our side. A lot of fans. I think League-wide we’re gonna get more fans."

Morrow says Deron Williams shares his excitement. "I think he really likes Brooklyn. He loves the team, our teammates. Our team chemistry—I’ve probably never had this kind of team chemistry with a team before." On Avery Johnson, like most of his teammates, Morrow had positive things to say, "He’s a really good man, a good coach."