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Lawrence: Barrise Out as Assistant

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Tom Barrise, the Nets longest serving assistant coach, is out, reports Mitch Lawrence. "The Nets informed Tom Barrise that he's out of a job after 17 years with the club and the last eight as an assistant coach," writes Lawrence. "He'll be a valuable addition for some NBA team."

Barrise has been assistant coach for the past eight years. Before that, he was an advance scout for eight years. In 2009, the Nets fired Lawrence Frank after 16 straight losses to begin the season and appointed Barrise interim coach for two games, both of them losses. That set the record for consecutive losses at the start of a season.. Kiki Vandeweghe replaced Barrise and Barrise later moved into the front office as Rod Thorn's assistant. He returned to the bench under Avery Johnson.

  • Slam Dunks - Mitch Lawrence - New York Daily News