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Kirilenko Says "Priority" is Jazz

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Andrei Kirilenko plays for the Euroleague title Sunday, having won the league MVP Saturday. In a media availability, the once and future (?) Nets target said nice things about returning to the Jazz, reminiscing about his 10 years in Utah and again hinting they remain his "priority."

Kirilenko is rumored to have a "verbal agreement" to join the Nets, and Billy King is in Moscow to watch the Euroleague Final Four. While he and the Nets have denied it any sort of deal, he's been careful not to dismiss a future in Brooklyn ... and he has met with Deron Williams in Istanbul. Is it likely he returns to Utah? No, reports the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. So why the "priority?" If the Jazz retain his Bird Rights they could pay him (more) outside the cap.