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"Borderline" First Rounders Only at Nets' Mass Workout Next Weekend

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Poitiers Basket
Poitiers Basket

Some 40+ draft prospects will gather at the PNY Center next weekend for a mass draft workout sponsored by the Nets and Rockets, one of only two before the Draft. But as in years past, the roster for the event will not include the draft's top talent. No lottery candidates will attend. Most are likely to be second rounders at best.

The prospect most likely to get first round attention is 19-year-old French guard Evan Fournier, who the Nets and Rockets are both reportedly interested in. He has been projected as high as the late teens, but some put him at the top of the second. Among locals who'll be on hand are Scott Machado, the Iona point guard, and Kris Joseph, the Syracuse small forward. The full roster will be released later this week.

The workouts run Saturday and Sunday. Individual team workouts begin after next weekend but don't expect the Nets to be active until they learn if they have a first round pick at the May 30 Draft Lottery.