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No Word on Moscow Meeting, But Nets' Intrigue Continues in Istanbul

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No further word on whether Deron Williams will travel to Moscow after the Euroleague Final Four ends Sunday in Istanbul or whether he will be joining up with Andrei Kirilenko if there, as Kirilenko's wife blogged Friday morning. Williams did get around Istanbul on Friday, dropping by the Besiktas practice to wish his former teammates well and having a front row view of AK-47 taking over the Euroleague semi-final game vs Panathinaikos.

Tim Bontemps did report Williams "spent time together" with Mikhail Prokhorov and Billy King Friday. Stefan Bondy tweeted as well that "DWill spoke w/ Prokhorov at Euroleague game yesterday and had 'a good conversation', but there was no formal meeting." One Nets insider admits the two got together, noting it would be "unrealistic to think they did not talk", but adds, "they did not go into the bowels of the arena for a private session".

Prokhorov is there to cheer on CSKA, which he owned for a decade. King is there to scout and meet with Bojan Bogdanovic. King tweeted Saturday that his meeting with Bogdanovic was a good one. Williams visit with his former teammates was particularly emotional for the Nets' point guard whose retired number hangs in the rafters.